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Go To Class

The best advice I can give anyone for the first day of the semester is this: GO TO CLASS!

Go. Get the syllabus. Meet your instructor. See what books you really need. Show up. Show your face. Talk to people.

If you don’t know anyone, make an effort to talk to at least one more person so that when (not if) you have to miss class you can ask someone what you missed. Exchange names and email addresses (sigh… your Genesee email addresses!) so you can contact your new friend.

Get your instructor’s email address. Send a friendly “Hi! I’m in your class and looks like a good semester!” email. Do that now so when you need to ask a question, your instructor knows who you are.

If you’re taking an online class or a hybrid class, it’s all the same. Log in. Find the syllabus. Say “hello” and make a friend….

Whee! Welcome to Spring 2011!

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