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Financial Aid “Refunds”

Subtitle: Weekly Reporting Part 2

I’ll bring it all together later but you need to understand the parts….

If you are a student, you may have more financial aid available to you than just for tuition and fees. Part of going to college means that the rest of your life continues and you have to live somewhere and, somehow, you’ve sadly become addicted to eating regularly… 😉 You aren’t working a regular job and you count on some of your financial aid funds to help pay the bills.

Genesee disburses excess financial aid in two parts. The first part will be starting Monday, February 14 and the second on Monday, April 11.

If you are entitled to a check, you will get a personal announcement in your Genesis account; look for that starting the Friday before. No announcement, your check is not ready. So don’t stand in line (yes, there will be a long line) if you don’t have an announcement. Checks for students at campus centers can be sent there upon request to the Business office; talk to the folk in the campus center for help with that.

Sounds simple. But… come on, you know there’s always a but.

One of the basics is that you must have all the paperwork in place to get your money. So if you need to sign loan forms, turn in tax forms, whatever, if the paperwork isn’t done, your excess money cannot be disbursed.

The other is, well, that you have to be ‘in attendance’ in all of your classes through and including Monday, April 4. If you are not attending class (as defined by your instructors), you have not ‘earned’ your financial aid and you will not be entitled to the excess financial aid funds. Before the February disbursement and before the April disbursement, the Business Office will look at the Weekly Reporting and if you’re listed as NEVER, CEASED or UNSATA in your courses, you may not be getting that refund check.

So. Go to class. If you have to withdraw from a class and the withdrawal takes you below full time, talk to the Financial Aid *and* the Business Office to make sure you understand the impact of that decision. It may affect this semester as well as next semester. But do ask!

4 thoughts on “Financial Aid “Refunds”

  1. How do I request my refund checks to be sent to the medina campus? I have no classes in batavia and therefore have no transportation there

    • Next time you go to class, talk to the folk in the office at Medina… There’s usually a form for you to fill out and they will have that and make sure it gets to Batavia in time. The staff helps with this sort of thing all the time, just ask!

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