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Weekly Reporting – Part 4

Even though we’re talking about “weekly” reporting, all of this talk about attendance and grades can also have long-term repercussions. One bad semester is not a disaster but more than one bad semester can be.

First of all. If you completely withdraw from all of your classes without talking to someone, you have withdrawn from the college. That means, when you want to come back and take more classes — even if it’s the very next semester — you need to go back through the entire Admissions process. Blecch.

Another option is to take an official Leave of Absence. Of course, there’s a form! Contact the Dean of Students Office (585-343-0055 x6219) and they will hand you/mail the form. This will allow you to withdraw from your courses, freeze your curriculum requirements and leaves you eligible to register for the next semester (without having to go back through Admissions).

Whatever you do, if you withdraw from all of your courses, you really, really need to talk to the folk in both the Business Office and the Financial Aid Office. If you can…. we understand about life but your life is much easier in the long run if you can check.

Two things are happening here.

  • If you withdraw from all of your courses before the “attendance date” — you may lose your financial aid but, icky, you still owe for the tuition.
    • If you leave owing the college money, then you won’t be able to register (or get transcripts or a report card) until you pay what you owe.
  • Financial Aid has requirements for “completion” so that if you fail to complete (earn a non-failing or non-W grade) enough courses on a regular basis, you may lose your Financial Aid eligibility for the next semester. And “next” is fluid; if you withdraw in a Spring semester and try to return the next Spring semester (or even a year from Spring), you may not be eligible for Financial Aid.
    • This is a tricky topic. Only the folk in the Financial Aid Office can outline the repercussions. You have to talk to them.

We’re not making this difficult on purpose. Most of these rules are set on the college by the Federal Government (your tax dollars at work!) and we’re stuck enforcing them. The Feds need to make sure that you aren’t abusing the  system (and, yes, folk try all the time) by signing up for courses just to get the Financial Aid when you have no intention of really completing any classes.

One last posting about Weekly Reporting, tomorrow…. stay tuned!

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