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Computer Maintenance – February 21

Computer Services will be performing system-wide maintenance on Monday, February 21 from 7 am to 5 pm. This is routine and scheduled maintenance, the entire maintenance schedule is located on the help desk web site.

What this means to you is that there will be essentially no access to any college web services (web site, Genesis, Blackboard, library, Banner, faculty/staff email) during this time. If you do gain access, you can be cut off without any warning.

Student email at Outlook.com will not be affected by this work.

STUDENTS: If you have any work (tests, assignments, discussions) due on Monday, February 21 we strongly recommend you complete that work on Sunday.

FACULTY: If you have any work due on this date, please point to this message and encourage your students to complete the work early.

While the maintenance is scheduled to be completed by 5:00 pm, and it’s often completed sooner than that, the minute you plan on the extra time is when something will go wrong… go wrong…. go wrong… go wrong…

5 thoughts on “Computer Maintenance – February 21

  1. Why is the day when most of us can dedicate an entire day to online classes always chosen for maintenance? I work a lot and do mostly online classes, this will put me a step behind.

    • Well, it’s also the one day we can do a lot of work, also. It’s not simple keeping all this stuff running and we try to do the work when we can.

      That said, there are a *ton* of things you can do while we are working and you cannot log into your online classes. Make sure you’ve downloaded your syllabus and any assignments that are due soon. Then you can:

      –read your textbook(s); do homework assignments that are in the textbook
      –work on any papers you have do (the Genesee library isn’t the only resource on the internet)
      –do homework that resides on external web site (like MyITLab, MathXL, or Hawkes)
      –prep any assignments that need to be submitted; we should be online by dinnertime, you can turn things in then

      So, you can still get a lot of work done…. No complaint that *we” didn’t let you in…. 😉

  2. maryjane I was wondering how I will know when it is safe to take an exam today on the genesis web site. I have been so busy that I never put the holiday and the maintenance together and woke up this morning to freaking out because I have an online exam due by 6oclock. I knew the maintenance was happening, I knew my exam was due today but just never put it together!

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