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Life After Genesee

Yes, there is such a thing!

Actually, I should be calling this something creative like “Tales of a Transfer” but… hmmm…

Wait. I was getting somewhere with this.

David Dodge and Christina Bakos graduated from Genesee last May and are now attending UB and Fredonia, respectively. (Okay, that means David is going to UB and Christina is going to Fredonia. If it makes you feel better I still get “former” and “latter” mixed up!) They loved their time at Genesee and were heavily involved in clubs and SGA while they were here.

Going to bigger, 4-year schools was an eye opener. David and Christina have kept in contact over the past year, comparing notes about their experiences at their new schools. What they would like to do is share some of what they’ve learned.

Over the next several weeks, they will be writing a blog post for me to share with all of you. David explains it best:

“As a student here at GCC you think a lot about classes, homework, sports, and other events. Hopefully, you have also started thinking about where you might like to transfer and what that process will be like. I bet though that you haven’t really considered what those first few weeks at your new school will be like. This series of transfer blog posts will not talk about the transfer process to get you to the next school – that’s a conversation we can have another time. No, instead, these posts will focus on what to expect once you are there.”

So, watch for that! I have a new “transfer” category and tag just for these posts, so you can use that to see the collection as it builds.

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