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Firefox and Java Updates

I hate when things don’t play well together.

There are a handful of reports that if you upgrade your Firefox — which it has been kind of insisting on doing recently — the dreaded security update — that you may have problems with Blackboard.

When you try to upload files, or even access a class (I have varying reports), that you get an error message about “cannot access files from cache” or something of that nature. You can eventually do what you need but it’s frustrating, at the very least.

What you need to do is if you are working on Firefox 3.6.14, you need to also update your Java to the most current version of that… you need to go to www.java.com and do the install from there.

Now. Heaven only knows what else that breaks. If you find something, let me know?

If you’re in an office and using Banner INB, do not upgrade either Firefox or Java. You shouldn’t be able to, so resist. The updates are almost guaranteed to break some access there.

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