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Getting Help With Your Taxes!

This is from Cheryl Corke, Assistant Professor of Accounting, who is inviting any member of the college community — and your friends and family — to come visit and get FREE help with your 2010 taxes. The February date has passed but there’s another date coming up this week that you can take advantage of.


Hello all!

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistant) services are about to begin at GCC!  Federal and NY State income taxes are prepared free of charge by certified volunteers for those meeting the criteria.  We have our first preparation session of the tax season on Tuesday, February 8th in T206 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  Other scheduled sessions on Campus are Thursday, March 24th and Thursday, April 7th from 4 pm – 7 pm  in T205. No appointment is necessary for the sessions on campus.   Preparation is also being done on Tuesdays and Thursdays (other than the campus session days) beginning February 10th from 5 pm – 8 pm at the Department of Social Services office at 5130 East Main Street.  An appointment is needed if you plan on going to the DSS office.  You can call Betty at 344-2580 ext. 6552 to schedule an appointment.

If you have income <$49,000, minor business income and uncomplicated capital gains, you qualify! Bring all of your W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc. along with social security cards for all listed on the return including dependents to the session. If you have last year’s return, that would also be good to bring. Bring a friend as well!

The 2010 income tax season was our inaugural year and we prepared 102 Federal and NYS income tax returns. Our clients received $102,588 in Federal income tax refunds (including $19,058 in Federal earned income tax credits,  $8,826 in child tax credits and $10,454 in education tax credits).

I want to personally thank all of those who have been involved in this program.  We have several certified preparers from GCC including faculty and students and three people certified from DSS. Several others have put time and effort into this endeavor.  A special thank you to Amy Conley who has worked wih the our income tax course students to become certified intermediate preparers.  Thanks to the other students and staff who have given their time learning tax law and assisting with the program.

Cheryl A. Corke, CPA
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Genesee Community College
One College Road
Batavia, New York 14020

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