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W-w-w-what was that URL?

Depends on where you are and where you want to go!

If you are on a campus computer (Batavia or any campus center), all you need to type in the address line is “www” or “mail” and press enter and you will go to the college web site or faculty/staff Exchange Web Access mail, respectively.

Also from a campus computer, if you type just “genesee.edu” – without the www — you get to a very bizarre “IIS7” screen and not to the college web site.

Because you are on a campus computer, you are “inside the network”… which means that the internal network does the basic routing between what you ask for in the address line and where you end up. The “genesee.edu” goes essentially nowhere intelligent because you are inside the network and that’s not enough information to let you get where you want to go.

It’s essentially the difference between saying “D-Building” and “D210” as far as the computers are concerned. “D-Building” gets you in the general area, “D210” gets you to your classroom.

Outside the network (on the wireless or from home), it’s entirely different. The “genesee.edu” address takes you to the www.genesee.edu because we’ve ‘taught’ the outside connection to start at that location. When in doubt, go there. Just “www” from home takes you nowhere, as does just “mail”… it needs more information to get you where you want to go.

Oh, and whether you’re inside or outside of the network, there is no need to type the “@genesee.edu” when you’re logging into anything! That was true for a while, and I know habits like that stick around… but I can save you some typing…. Just your username….

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