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Planning on taking Summer classes?

Show us the money!

The Business Office is sending out bills for Summer tuition this week.


It’s still supposed to snow tomorrow and we have to think about summer school? Somehow that is not fair.

The good news is that you have until May 6 to make arrangements for that tuition. So hopefully the weather will be better than it will be for the next few days.

IMPORTANT: Tuition is due May 6 no matter when in the summer you are taking classes. So if your class does not start until July 5, your tuition is still due May 6. If you don’t pay by May 6 you run a very high risk of being dropped from your summer class.

Now. Usual lecture about “make arrangements.” While the Business Office will cheerfully take cash up front, you have options, you know. Don’t hesitate to check into them. The folk in the Business Office really are there to help, all you have to do is ask. So if you’re not sure your situation fits into the semi-neat categories I have, call and talk to them.

Financial Aid: You have to talk to the Financial Aid Office folk about this. Aid for summer is always a funky thing and depends on a bunch of other variable (mostly, how much aid did you use during the year?). There’s no one clean answer here, you must, must, must talk to the Financial Aid folk right now!

FACTS payment: You can set up a payment plan with FACTS so that you pay the summer tuition in three installments. You have to log into Genesis to do that. The sooner you do it, the better that goes.

Cash / Credit: The Business Office is always happy to take money from you. Wait. That didn’t quite come out right. 😉

Once you get your bill, don’t wait. Talk to the Business Office folk and get that taken care of. And if you decide not to attend Summer session, make sure you officially drop the class by May 30 (for full summer and first session classes) or by July 4 (for second session classes). If you don’t drop, you can be liable for tuition.

2 thoughts on “Planning on taking Summer classes?

  1. Don’t forget to post information for us veterans. Do I have to do anything if I am paying with my Post 9-11 G.I. Bill? I know they will pay, but may be late. Do I really have to call the FA office for this?

    • Excellent! Thanks for pointing this out.

      Even before asking, I’m going to say “yes” — you should check with Financial Aid. The “may be late” part is the problem. There needs to be a flag in the system somewhere to indicate that you will be using your Post 9-11 G.I. Bill benefits. In some ways the college is no different from the bureaucracy of the Armed Forces. When in doubt, double check; don’t believe anything you’re told until you have it in writing. 😉

      If I get anything different from the Financial Aid folk I will let you know!

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