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About Refunds: Monday, April 11

Monday, April 11 is the 2nd Financial Aid Refund date. You need to check your Personal Announcements in Genesis to see if there will be a check ready for you. No Announcement, no check! Announcements will be posted by Friday afternoon.

If you do have a check on Monday, you need to come to the Business Office between 8 am and 4:30 pm with a picture ID. No one else can pick up a check for you. Be prepared for a long line and (at some times) over an hour wait on Monday; if you can wait until Tuesday to pick up your check you will be doing yourself a favor. If you have already requested that your check be sent to College Village or to a campus center, that will be done automatically.

If you do not have a Personal Announcement in Genesis and thought you should be getting a check, there may be a number of reasons for that: financial aid has not been processed, you stopped attending classes or you had other charges on your account (bookstore, food service) that used your balance. Questions will need to be directed to the Business Office.

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