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It’s Friday!

Okay, who didn’t watch The Wedding? ::grin:: I suspect I don’t want to know how much bandwidth we’re all sucking up having it playing from BBC.com in our offices….

It was fun. Kate was pretty in her dress, William in his uniform and the ceremony itself was nicely solemn. Although… geez… the Bishop of Canterbury couldn’t find time to get a haircut?


Brrr…. 46 degrees today after 80 on Wednesday. And threatening to rain, again! Will the weather please make up its mind? While I have packed away the parka, I have not given up on my winter jacket and should have worn it today, although the raincoat has a lining and is almost as good.


I’ve bit the bullet and installed IE 9 and Firefox 4 on my netbook. Let’s hope I’m not too sorry about that. Although the hubby installed IE 9, hated it and there was a very nice roll-back to IE 8. That’s the only reason I’m doing it. More as I have some time to play with them, although the FF 4 seems okay since I’ve had that for a while.


Opera tomorrow! I have tickets to see Il Trovatore — The Met Live in HD! – at the Transit Regal theatre. It’s great fun to see the Opera live and on the big screen but it’s sort of like watching sports on TV. Now that I’ve seen the show ‘up front and personal’ actually going to the Met to sit in nosebleed seats and be miles from the stage isn’t quite so attractive. On the other hand, I’d be in NY…. hmmm… I suspect I’d live!

Even better… going to see Die Walkürie in two weeks! Part of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.


 Two more weeks of classes and then exams! Hang in there!

4 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. I have been using FF4.0 since it was in the nightly release, and I have to say that I liked the previous version better. I am not a fan of some of the “improvements”, but the option to create an app tab, which fixes it to the left hand side…nice for sites that update often (also, when a facebook notification/gmail email comes in, the app tab will light up).

    • That’s further into it than I’ve dug… I just added a silly personality to mine… 😉

      I’ll have to take a look at that!

    • I wasn’t going to watch but the alarm went off at 6 am and the hubby had vacated to his recliner so I had the bedroom to myself. And it’s sometimes fun to see how the other half lives…. 😉

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