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Deals from Dell Computing

I’m often asked about “deals” on computers. The college does not officially endorse any specific brand nor does it sell computers, so all I can share is information that comes to me.

The College Bookstore, run by Barnes and Noble, has some options that you can check into. They do not have anything on site, so anything you would want will have to be ordered.

Since the college purchases Dell equipment for use on campus, I suspect you can consider that an unofficial endorsement. And, with that, the Dell sales folk send me things they want me to share with you. I get nothing from this (not even a t-shirt!), I’m just the messenger here.

These deals are for the month of May. There’s all sorts of warning about YMMV, what’s in stock, prices may change without notice, color availability depends on the phase of the moon and whatnot. You are dealing with Dell directly, I’m just sharing! Clickee on the pic to make it readable.

GENESEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE faculty, staff, and students now receive Members Only pricing on all personal PCs from Dell, and Exclusive Members Only elite offers (up to 30% OFF list prices for select configurations of Dell consumer PCs). Order now by calling dedicated member # 1-800-695-8133, or by purchasing online at www.dell.com/epp. To receive your exclusive discount over the phone GENESEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE members must mention Member ID#, or if purchasing online members must enter this Member ID at www.dell.com/epp website.

If you find a better deal on a new Dell home system anywhere on the www.dell.com home website, call an MPP specialist to beat the current Dell Home PC price and receive your Best Price Guarantee!”

Now. To get these deals you need the special GCC Member ID. I can’t publish that here or else it wouldn’t be special. ::rolls eyes::  If you want the member ID, leave me a note here or send me an email (mjheider@genesee.edu) and I’ll be glad to share it with you.

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