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All Politics Is Local

So last week the hubby lures me out to dinner (like that’s hard to do!) and then reminds me he wanted to attend a local community group meeting. They had been doing some house-to-house canvassing the previous week and he had been home when they had come around.

Being a sport and feeling faintly sociable (that doesn’t always happen at the same time) I agree to go with him. I mean, I’m already out of the house and everything. What the heck…. we figure an hour or so and we’d be home. Ha!

Everyone else, of course, pretty much knew each other, its one of those groups. The President of the organization came over and introduced himself, asked our names and what brought us in. The answer of ‘mostly curious’ was good enough… new people at any time are new people.

We get agendas, didn’t participate in the 50-50 split club and sat down. I suspect we sat in someone’s seat… you know how that is where you expect to sit in the same place every time you attend something? It caused some minor confounding but I cheerfully pointed out that we could move chairs around if anyone wanted — they were simple folding chairs in a pretty good size space — and in the end that’s what happened.

When’s the last time you went anywhere that you started a meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance? It was a nice touch, being a ‘civic’ organization. And there was the ‘acceptance of last meeting’s minutes’ thing and then to the presenters.

It started with William Hochul (who turned out to be the husband of Kathy Hochul and isn’t that election over yet?) who is a US Attorney (i.e. think Feds) who spoke about fraud and things that really are pertinent to the mostly senior citizen group that was there. Then they had the Town Assessor and a colleague who spoke about how assessments for tax purposes are done and what to do if you don’t like your assessment. Then a member of the group spoke about the outreach they were doing (the one that lured the hubby in). Finally, a Sergeant from the local police organization spoke about crime in the area, what’s being done, a planned but slight uptick in foot patrols in parks and other places now that the weather is breaking. Oh, and the split club where someone won this month’s $36.

It was interesting to see the spread of speakers. Much wider that I had ever expected and interesting. There was discussion about a ‘meet the candidate’ session the group evidently has in the early Fall before elections.

The two hours (!) on a metal folding chair was the worst part but for a group essentially without a budget (I suspect the split club is one of its largest fundraisers) it was pretty cool. Not sure the hubby will go back next month… we’ll see.

One thought on “All Politics Is Local

  1. Wow. Sounds much more organized and useful than the hair-pulling the politicians here in corrupt BROKEport engage in.

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