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Talk to me Tuesday: When are you online?

With the network outage for a short time tomorrow morning between 2 am and 6 am, it occurs to me to see when you-all mostly work. We did do some very elementary analysis at one point and I always state that “we have more people online at 1 am than at 6 am” but is that still true? Tell me!

You can pick more than one answer on this one. Tell me the times you are most likely to be on Genesee systems of any sort, I don’t care what you’re actually doing…  and this goes for you faculty and employee types… tell me when you’re online, too!

Couple of weeks ago, I asked about where folk were on our campuses and, of course, most of you are in Batavia. But we’re spread out pretty widely over the 4 counties and even online! One person reported taking classes in multiple campuses! Oh, my!

2 thoughts on “Talk to me Tuesday: When are you online?

  1. I think that we should be able to use our voucher outside the campus bookstore to purchase books or access codes.

    • That’s not a current option. I’m going out on a limb and theorizing that outside stores are similar to getting the refund itself. The college has some legal responsibility for the money — up to a certain time — and while you may be working with legit organizations, you’re not allowed to handle the refund until a point later in the semester.

      The college can ‘pay’ for your books because we have an agreement in place with Barnes & Noble and I suspect if you were to return books before the refund date, you would not get cash but only credit back to your account.

      If you would like more info, I can find it. Or I will suggest you talk to the folk in the Business Office since they are the ones that handle this end of the process.

      Good question, though!

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