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Going Away This Summer?

First of all, I’m jealous! 🙂

Oh, I’ll be taking some time off but essentially will be here all summer. Well, I’ll be spending August mostly on the road visiting Campus Centers and doing Orientations out there. But.. that counts as ‘here’!

If you’ll be gone for just a couple of weeks or a couple of months, there are some technology related things you should do.

ADJUNCTS – This applies to you, too! If you’re not teaching in the summer but plan to be back in the Fall, you should be doing these things!

EMail – Out of Office Assistant

Turn on the Out of Office Assistant and leave a message. It doesn’t have to be very long, just a clue that you won’t be around for a while.

Now. The tricky part. The OOA only works once per sender. So if you’ll be away all summer and I send you a message in the beginning of June, I’ll get your OOA message. But when I send you another email in early August, I will not get that message and I will have forgotten you’re gone and then it’s… annoying.

If you’re anywhere near a computer, turn the OOA off and back on again, on an occasional basis. That way I’ll get another response when I send you that message in August! You don’t have to read messages when you turn it off and on (unless you’re compulsive like I am), just go in long enough to turn the OOA off and then on and you’re all set!

For the compulsive, you can set up a ‘rule’ that responds to everyone but that’s usually more work than it’s worth. But let me know if you’re interested and I’ll dig that info out for you!

Office Phone

This one is easier since once it’s set up, it will give your message until the date you return.

Go into voice mail, like you were checking messages. Then do these steps:  8 * 2 3 5 <leave your message> # 9 <follow the prompts for the expiration date and time>. Pretty simple.

Voice messages that are not explicitly saved go away after 2 weeks. That’s important to know. So messages left for you in June will be gone by August.

Broken Technology

If there’s anything that you use regularly that’s broken, not quite broken but not working properly or even simply annoying, leave a Help Desk call about it before you leave. Not that we don’t have anything to do but we already have too many things to do in August. We’d rather look at your problem now when we have some breathing space.

If you share an office or a classroom with others, don’t assume someone else will report it. While we will be going through and checking all Smart Classrooms (Batavia and the campus centers) this summer, at least that’s the plan, if we don’t know something isn’t working properly we can’t take care of it before you return.

Umm… if you don’t tell us now about a problem? When you come back in August, don’t admit it was that way when you left…. Just a hint!

Enjoy any time you will be away… I’ll be writing all summer, so keep in touch!

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