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We Want Your Pictures!

I love this sort of thing… now that we actually have people — besides me! 😉 — who do Facebook and YouTube and such, we can take it the next step. We’re looking for you to become part of our video project!

Be part of GCC’s “Commencement Memories” Facebook Video!

We want you to share your GCC experience from the spring 2011 semester and Sunday’s commencement ceremony on our Facebook wall. If we get enough submissions, we’ll blend them into a YouTube music video from your perspective! Whether you’re a current student, faculty, staff, alumni, at a campus center or just attended a play or sporting event this semester, we want your pictures and video! 

Start posting your spring semester memories today at http://www.facebook.com/GeneseeCommunityCollege and take lots of pictures and video of commencement this Sunday to share next week! 


One thought on “We Want Your Pictures!

  1. Nice idea, but I would never post pics to Facebook. They’ve been caught mis-using personal data more than once, and the most innocuous posts have been used against people in obtaining employment or when applying to schools.

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