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Transcripts — Official and Un

A couple of days ago, I talked about grades for this semester and how the college doesn’t send Report Cards home, it’s all available online inside Genesis.

And that if you needed grades sent somewhere that you’d need to request an academic transcript.

Now, there are official transcripts and unofficial transcripts. Each has their use, I’m going to tell you some of them!

Official Transcripts

The primary characteristic of an official transcript is that you aren’t involved in it. That’s one way of preserving the ‘authenticity’ of the document.

Come on! When you can print money on a color copier, what’s to stop you from creating a transcript? Really? In fact, we had an enterprising student do exactly that to fool her grandmother. She made her own transcript to show GrandMa how well she was doing in school. So when the letter came about being on academic probation there was much confusion. So GrandMa trots into the college — with transcript in hand — and demands to know why her Darling GrandDaughter is on probation.

See this? Darling earned a B+ in ASP 147 – Astrophysics! Why is she on probation?

Well, Darling didn’t do her homework (obviously and in more than one sense) since Genesee doesn’t give + or – grades and we don’t offer ASP anything much less Astrophysics!

We gently pointed that fact out to GrandMa and, well, I suspect there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in that house that night!

So the Official Transcript goes from us to other folk and it has the official (raised) seal of the college embedded in it. You can send one to yourself if you want, it’s kind of neat to have but no one will take it directly from you. So you need to cough up the $5 for the Official Transcript to be sent out.

If you’re going to another college, applying for a job that requires proof of your coursework, or whatever, they will want an Official Transcript sent. If you need one sent after grades come out, go ahead and put the application in now and there’s a ticky-box to say ‘wait for grades’ — Records does that all the time so put in your request sooner than later.

Unofficial Transcript

We’ll be the first to admit that Official Transcripts don’t get done instantly. We may have to wait for those grades, there are a billion of them to do since it’s the end of the semester or you attended Genesee long enough ago that your transcript is in The Vault.

Now, I can’t help The Vault folk. You attended Genesee in what we call pre-Banner times and your transcript information is only in paper format in the Vault. “Pre-Banner” is about 1997 or so. So if you attended Genesee prior to 1997, your records may not be online. Sorry.

If you attended Genesee after 1997, your unofficial transcript is available inside Genesis. Not everyone who attended Genesee has a current Genesis account but you can call the Help Desk (1-866-614-5004) and the nice folk there will take your information and we’ll get you set up.

Unofficial transcripts can be used when you’re looking to see how you’re doing on your degree program (although a Degree Audit really is better for that), so you see what information is being sent to those other schools/employers/whomever, to take to those other schools so you can get some academic advisement while you’re waiting for the official transcript to be sent.

Some of your employers will take the unofficial version; that’s completely up to them.

Not sure which you need? Generally, places that want the official transcript will use that phrase. As in: send an official transcript to… But if just says: send a transcript to… you may want to double-check so you don’t slow down the process.

There you go! More than you ever wanted to know about transcripts!

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