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Unhappy With Your Grade?

Well, grades aren’t officially out yet (that’s for later this afternoon) and I’ve had a question about who to talk to about a… ‘wrong’ grade…

Now, the absolutely first person you have to talk to is your instructor. You need to ask (politely!) a question along the lines of “Would you explain my grade to me?” or “Based on the grades I have earned to date, I had expect to earn a grade of X but you have given me a grade of Y. Can you explain that for me, please?” or “The final exam / paper / project / presentation was described as being on content X and it actually was on content Y and that seems unfair. Can you explain it to me?”

No one else up the ‘food chain’ will talk to you until you have made a serious effort to talk to your instructor.

If you do not get a good reason / explanation / reaction from your instructor, then — and only then — you go to the supervisor. In Batavia, that means you talk to Mr. Michael Stoll (msstoll@genesee.edu) or Dr. Karin Kovach-Allen (kekovachallen@genesee.edu). At a campus center, you make an appointment to talk to the Dean of the center.

At that discussion, you bring the syllabus, all grades you have received and explain your complaint.

The Dean will probably then contact the instructor for their side of the story — which is why you need evidence of your concern.

If and only if you are still not happy at this point, you can contact the Dean of Students, Ms. Jennifer Newell; her office is on the Batavia Campus. If you have skipped either of the previous steps, she will not even listen to your complaint, she will send you back to the step(s) you have skipped.

Going to any other office will result in the same thing. You will be told to contact the instructor and then the Dean.

Let’s hope you don’t have to do any of these things!

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