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Probation Recovery Steps

You’ve had a bad semester — or two, for whatever reason, and now you’re ready to come back and be a better student. Where to start?

This list of suggestions comes from the VP of Academic Affairs Office on steps you can take to help yourself get off of academic probation.


Genesee Community College encourages and promotes successful academic standing and positive learning experiences for our students.  If you are interested in succeeding academically the following steps may be utilized as a starting point:

  1. Log into GenESIS and review your current transcript and run a degree evaluation. These academic summaries are useful tools in the course selection and registration process.
  2. Consider your fall 2011 enrollment options. While taking a semester off may be a good strategy, you should be able to succeed in the coming semester if you:
    1. Complete any course that has an IP grade (as soon as possible)
    2. Register and repeat any class with a grade of F
    3. Reduce your course load to the recommended credits permitted
    4. Meet with your academic or faculty advisor
    5. Change your schedule and select classes that you believe you can attain a grade of C or better
    6. Attend class on a regular basis
    7. Commit the time necessary to complete homework and assignments
    8. Ask for assistance from your professor when you fall behind in your work
    9. Seek tutoring, it is available and recommended
    10. Make college a priority

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