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Seeing Your Schedule

Jen asked a good question on the college Facebook page:

“Hey I gotta question! When will we be able to view the fall 2011 schedule on our Genesis? ”

I’m helping Kevin answer that question here since it’s a “depends on what you are looking at” answer. Not a simple thing to do in Facebook.

If you’re looking at the My Courses page, you pretty much will only see the Spring or Summer class listing. Like this:

Fall 2011 courses will be available here late July or early August.

But… you can see your schedule online. Just in another place. And there’s a trick to that, too.

On the My Genesis page inside Genesis, click on Student Services, then on Registration Menu then on My Schedule (don’t do the My Schedule Detail, well not right now; it’s painful!).

Now, this probably doesn’t look right. The trick is setting the date. When you first go to this page, it probably has today’s date. Unless you’re also going to summer session, you aren’t taking any courses right now and it doesn’t find anything. Look for the date thing over on the right and put in 08/22/2011. That’s when Fall classes start.

The date format is important… you need the full MM/DD/YYYY — use 2011 not just “11” as the year. Click on Submit and then you’ll see your Fall schedule!

Hope that helps! If not, keep asking!

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