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Everything Old Is New Again

So some of you know by now I live in Buffalo but you probably don’t know that I get the Buffalo paper. Yes, delivered, in print, to my house, every morning. There’s just something about a newspaper that I like to read daily. Even if I don’t read all of it, I do skim the local news and read the funnies. Sure, it’s all online. I read enough things online that it’s nice to have a physical paper. And it’s way easier to do the Sudoku on a print version of the paper than online.

Today, on the front page of the Buffalo News is an article titled : Colleges forgo summer vacation, bring in funds.

Did I miss a memo? A summer vacation? What?

Genesee has been offering a wide variety of summer classes for, like, forever. The ‘big guys’ of Buff State and UB finally offer more than a pittance in the way of summer classes and now it’s news? Sure, summer session is a revenue generator. I don’t think anyone here will deny that. Summer session is an integral part of the academic year around here.

Although the remark that “it’s a little less work” has got to have a lot of folk cringing. Courses are courses, no matter when you take them. 16 weeks, 8 weeks, 5 weeks. There’s a base standard of learning that has to occur to earn a grade in any course. It may be ‘easier’ in that there’s less time to goof off and be distracted by shiny things. Some students learn better in a concentrated time period, when they can focus on a finite number of things for a limited number of weeks. Doesn’t work for everyone, it’s just an option. But the workload is the same no matter how many weeks the class is scheduled for.

And “expensive”? Not us! Two 3-credit courses at Genesee cost a grant total of $874 (well, it does if you’re a NYS resident). The $1700 quoted in the article is twice the cost of Genesee.

 On my summer vacation, maybe I’ll tackle that 5-star Sudoku…

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