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Fall Classes Start in 28 Days!

Meep! I’m not ready!

Well, what will happen, will happen. August is when we invoke our philosophy, “It’s not that we have low standards. We have no standards at all. Done is what counts.”  😉

That said, here are a bunch of things you can think about.


  • Blackboard courses will be updated this Thursday with student enrolments. That means the class list in Blackboard will match the class list in Banner Self Service.
  • Starting Thursday, students will be able to poke into you courses. Well, some have been able to do that already. But if it’s a Work In Progress, hide things or mark it a WIP.
  • There’s Blackboard training next week, August 1 -5.
  • There’s drop-in Blackboard help during PAD, most afternoons between 1 and 4 pm. Sometimes not quite those times but that’s close enough to generalize.


  • ALL Network accounts (the log into the computer and access the Library account) will be refreshed the weekend of August 7-8. You should have a network account on the morning of August 8 but, well, you know how that goes. Last summer I didn’t get to finish the processing until the middle of the morning on Monday. So be prepared for some inconvenience.
    • I will be sending a letter (the usual bright yellow paper) about August 1 with your network username and password on it. The password on that letter will be the password that will let you log in.
  • Just because you can get into Blackboard starting on Thursday, doesn’t mean there’s anything to look at. Be patient and don’t look for much until the week of August 15.
  • Classes start August 22. Some of your courses may not have materials until then. Some of your courses may not have materials online at all. Ask your instructor.
  • Some classes don’t start until October 17. There won’t be anything there until at least October 1.
  • Have you done the ticky things in Banner Self Service so you can use your Financial Aid to buy books? Directions here.
  • Not sure about technology? Taking an online class for the first time? Taking a hybrid class for the first time? Come to a Technical Orientation. That’s an investment in sanity.

See? We all have things to do! ::scurries off::

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