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Rolling Your Own

This is silly season where faculty who have used Blackboard in prior semesters are looking to copy course materials from a previous semester to the current semester. We refer to that as ‘rolling’ a course over.

Here’s some simple instructions on how to do that yourself. You’d think we’d have written this down before now… 🙂

Go into the class you are copying FROM. In Genesis, that may be simplest by choosing a prior semester on the “My Courses” page.

You really can’t go back as far as it thinks but you can go back to last Fall 2010. Students can’t get into those courses but you can.

Once you’re in the course, look at the text on the blue background and write it down. Yes, write. No, I promise you won’t remember and then you’ll be coming back to this step.

It will look like one of these:


The MAT 129 class was cross listed and the X1009 is important. The other course is a non-cross listed course but the number “1” that is in the image but is not part of the ‘official’ course title is important. Knowing which of the multiple ENG 101 01 sections you need is important — that number tells you which section you want.

LOG OUT. Don’t just “X” out. Now change the My Courses page to the current semester. Click on your class and you should get options like this:

Choose the center option of “Copy Course” and then click on “Continue.”

You should get a list that starts like this.

Find the exact match of the course title you wrote down in the list. Click in the radio button in front of it and then scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

Ta Da!

Now. Things that will go bump in the night. (Come on, you know something will go wrong!)

  • The list is alphabetical so those cross listed “X” courses are at the end.
  • If you are looking for a course prior to Fall 2010 it may not be listed. If it’s from Fall 2009 we have it, we just have to get it for you. If it’s from earlier than Fall 2009 we probably have it but, well, it may be in an archive we have to get to. Send Harold or me an email telling us what you are looking for and what semester it was from. The more details you have (section number, etc) the easier it will be to find it.
  • Even if you’ve followed the directions exactly you may not have gotten the course you’re looking for. You can’t fix that by Harold and I can. Tell us what course is messed up, what section you meant to copy and we’ll copy it for you.

Give us at least overnight to get this done, if you need our help. There’s lots of things coming at us right now and we’ll get to it, don’t worry!

We’ll also be here Monday through Friday afternoon of PAD to help… stop by T205 and we can walk you through this.

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