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Student Network Accounts

Over the weekend, network accounts for ALL students for the Fall semester were created. ALL means literally that — whether this is your first time at Genesee, you were here in the Spring or here all summer or it’s your bazillionth semester… your network account password for Fall has been reset.

Starting July 29, more yellow letters were sent to ALL (same definition of all) registered students about the network username and password. If you register after July 29, you’ll get a letter from us. If we know where you live, but that’s a discussion for another day.

The password in the yellow letter WILL work. It will let you log into a campus computer and it will let you access Library databases remotely. Go to the Library web site (http://www.genesee.edu/library) and then click on databases and try to access one of the databases. The password on the yellow letter should work. Oh, right. It’s case sensitive. Those are mostly upper-case letters. Enter them in CAPS.

Yes, it’s an ugly password. The only way to get it reset (well, besides calling the help desk) is to come to campus and use it once to log into a computer. Once you’re logged in with the ugly password (which, remember, is case sensitive), press CTRL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard again and one of the options will be to “change a password”… click on that and enter the ugly password, a new password and type the new password a second time. (That’s what “confirm password” means — type it again.)

Okay, we’ll reset the password in T207 in Batavia. Get into the line that forms the first week of classes and we’ll reset it for you. But it’s easier to bring the yellow letter with you and change it yourself.

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