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Microsoft Office 2011 – What a Deal!

Sigh. This used to be a lot easier, you know.

Microsoft, to give it credit, has an amazing deal where students can purchase the full Microsoft Office 2010 Professional for $99.95. That’s the lowest price you will see anywhere for this software. In fact, if you see a lower price, it’s probably an illegal copy.

The key thing is that the “Professional” option includes Microsoft Access. Most folk don’t really care, but if you’re in a CIS 102 or CIS 116 class, believe me, you care. You will need Access for part of the semester. If you don’t have it, hold on and I’ll tell you more but let me get the basics out of the way.

It used to be that you simply go to http://www.ultimatesteal.com and ta-da! You were there. Now, Microsoft makes that go to the “Student Store” and it’s not quite so easy to find the Office option you need.

And don’t purchase the “Student and Home” edition. That actually costs more ($149.95) and doesn’t have Access in the package. What’s with that?

Don’t get lured into the shiny things. Click on the word “Student” on the side and then “Office”… like this:

You’re looking for this page… at least this is what it looks like today!

You’ll need to use a credit card and your Genesee email address to get this. But it is a deal.

It is a download (unless you pop the extra $15 for the back up DVD). You can do that here on campus (any campus). Bring your flash drive or bring your laptop and use our wireless to do the download. It’s at least a couple hundred mega-bytes (it is a DVD-full anyways) so not to be done on a dial up or other slow connection.

Now. If you got a laptop that came with a legit copy of the Student version of Office and you’re in a CIS class, don’t panic. You may be able to do most of your homework on college computers (well, unless you’re in an online class). Your instructor will talk in class about options for Microsoft Access. And as a last option, you can go to the Microsoft web site and there’s a 30-day trial version of Access you can download for free to do your homework. Thirty days is plenty of time for what you need, just don’t do the download until you’re ready to do that homework.

Such a deal! Go for it!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2011 – What a Deal!

  1. Just to let you know, I just ordered this program for $64.95 at http://www.ubmicrosuny.com. You can log in as a guest and you will need your school name, student ID # and student email. They will confirm your information and then after payment, email you the download link.

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