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System Outage! Saturday, August 13

The ‘official’ story is that the Buildings and Ground folk are doing much needed electrical work on the data center of the Batavia Campus on Saturday, August 13. As a result, they are making us turn off all the equipment in the data center about 6:00 AM which means:

  • no web site (well, there’s 1 page, which is probably how you got here)
  • no Genesis (so no registration, no schedules, no drop add, no tuition payment)
  • no Banner
  • no Blackboard
  • no access to P drives
  • no library or library databases
  • the primary college phone number (585-343-0055) is also affected by this work; it may ring but it will not be answered

Nada. Nothing.

Work is scheduled to be completeabout 5:00 PM on Saturday but we need time to turn everything on and check it all. So figure after 7 PM on Saturday before you can access anything.

Now. The real story. If you’ve been on the Batavia Campus at all this summer, you’ve seen the construction work that’s been going on.

Well, the workers dug just a tad too deep and broke into a snark burrow, scattering the snarks across the squircle. With their burrow gone, the snarks moved into the first space they could, the campus building, of course. If you didn’t know, snarks love to be warm and what’s warmer than a cozy server on a cool summer night? Well, now we have an infestation.

So we’re shutting down the servers for the day to let them cool off and turning down the thermostat to further cool the room.

I’ve been tasked with getting a case of peanut butter from BJs to help draw them out of the servers so we can capture them (humanely, of course) and release them in a field a long way from Genesee. The only thing a snark likes more than a warm server is crunchy peanut butter.

Wish us luck!

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