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Welcome and a Word of Warning!

Welcome to the Fall 2011 semester. It’s not “Welcome Back” because some of you are new and many of us haven’t been away! So just “Welcome!”

Look for the “Ask Me” folk if you have questions or need assistance. And we ask you to be patient the first week, especially if you are still sorting out bills, financial aid or buying books. So is everyone else.

GO TO CLASS! I don’t care what problems you have or how long the lines are, GO TO CLASS. The first class sets the tone for the entire semester and missing that class just doesn’t help.

Now, the word of warning.

Pay close attention, the speed limit in front of the college is 45 mph. You need to SLOW DOWN. There is cross traffic looking to turn into the drive way for the Med Tech building across the street and — heaven forbid — there may be pedestrians. So it’s important to pay attention. The 45 mph zone is highlighted in red.

As you can see, there’s plenty of parking. The first week you may have to park in “Z” (a local joke) but try going to some place to UB where you have to both pay for parking and, once you’ve found a parking spot, take a bus from the parking lot to somewhere near the building you want. Be grateful.

Have a great semester! Wait. Did I say: GO TO CLASS!

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