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Talk to me Tuesday: Books

I sat and watched the poor new adult student kind of go into shock at the cost of her textbooks. At almost $600 for four classes, it was beyond sticker-shock. I thought she would hyperventilate just looking at it and she said, “I can’t do it. I can’t press that submit button.”

The Bookstore does offer many textbooks in multiple modes, some of which are less expensive than purchasing new books.

Used: Used textbooks come in all sorts of conditions. If the book is really crappy, then the bookstore usually won’t buy it back. It has to be usable, after all. The down-side to this is that used books won’t usually come with access codes you may need for your course. Then you have to buy that separately from the bookstore or online, using a credit card.

Rental: This is the cool option. Renting a book costs about 50% the price of a new textbook. You must use a credit card when you buy the book (that’s to ensure the bookstore gets it back!) and you can’t mark it up too much but, well, good deal. The advantage is that if a book isn’t being used the next semester, you get zipola for it in the bookstore: where if you rented it, it’s like getting half your money back.

If you’re the type that loses library books, this may not be good for you. You do need to return the book at the end of the semester, after all, and if you can’t find it then the bookstore will charge your credit card and you’re now paying full price for the book.

Ebook: This is for the person who likes reading on a computer and you have your own computer to use regularly. This is electronic delivery of your book to your computer and you can download the book to up to 3 computers.  It does go away after 180 days but it’s way less expensive than a print book.

Now, a quiz for everyone….

One thought on “Talk to me Tuesday: Books

  1. Does anyone know why books cost so much? It isn’t that necessary for the price of them to be through the roof THEN when you go to sell them you get NOTHING. It isn’t fair for anyone. I have my books paid for by financial aid but if they didn’t cost so much I could put more of that money toward GCCA or more supplies that I need. All of us college students should ban together at change.org (lol)

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