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Extremely Grateful It’s Friday!

It’s been a long week… we’ve been having fun seeing new students, helping returning students and talking to lots of faculty.

While there have been some glitches on the Help Desk, it’s been ::knock wood:: relatively decent. The lines in T207 never got terribly long, the number of Help Desk calls that the techs on the phone couldn’t handle wasn’t overwhelming and I’ve left Jennifer to (wo)man the desk in T207 by herself for now….

Then I get this from David, who has made my entire day today and everyone at Genesee who has worked a bazillion hours all week should share in this because you help make this sentiment possible. He wrote to me but, as corny as it sounds, it does take a village. 

The subject line on his email was “There is no MJ at UB :(”  Thank you, sweetie!

Okay, it’s probably politically incorrect… sorry, ’bout that. But the sentiment was more than worth sharing. 🙂

As a point of reference, students at UB pay a bazillion dollars in technology fees. Way more than students do at Genesee. UB buries the actual technology fee in their ‘comprehensive fee’ but if you poke at the UB web site, the comprehensive fee is essentially $1000 (a semester!) and the tech fee is 37% of that.

Have a restful weekend!

5 thoughts on “E-G-I-F

  1. You are worth every penny that those of your counterparts are receiving. Couldn’t do it without you and Harold.

  2. 1. I do love this blog.
    2. David you are pretty funny.
    3. I was considering transferring to UB when I am done at GCC but now I will seriously reconsider. I’m sure that they are a good school but for them to charge so much for something that doesn’t work very well is absurd.
    4. Keep up the awesome posts!

    • Awww… thank you! Glad you like it.

      David is funny, isn’t he? You shouldn’t not consider UB based on this one aspect…. you get other things at UB that you cannot get anywhere else. I did my Master’s Degree and most of a PhD at UB and the graduate programs were perfect for what I wanted. Being an undergraduate is another thing but David’s going to tell us more as the year goes on. If you want, I can put you in contact with him and you can talk about UB directly.

      Yup… there’ll be more…. 🙂

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