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Computer System Maintenance Schedule

So now we’re (the Computer Services ‘we’) trying to figure out when we can do computer maintenance. Just like you, we get unhappy when things break and that means systems need care-and-feeding on a semi-regular basis.

The problem is that Genesee has really become a 24×7 environment. Between the online classes and Sunday classes there really is no good, extended ‘down’ time available for us to use.

The result is smaller but more frequent ‘down time’ for maintenance. The kinda-schedule is the 1st and 3rd Sunday of any month from 4:00 am to 7:00 am as well as all day on Columbus Day in October and all day on Patriots Day in February. No guarantee we will use both of those Sundays but we will use the October and February dates.

We need the 2 all-day days to be able to bring in additional tech support vendors on days that the college has as holidays but to them is a normal work day. That makes everyone happy (well mostly) while not incurring special maintenance charges that would occur on a weekend.

Yes, I’m very aware that students taking online classes often look at those holiday dates as a way to catch up on homework. Just because our systems are down doesn’t mean that external web sites are down and doesn’t mean you can’t write papers or read your textbooks. It’s something we have to do at some point or it will break when it’s totally inconvenient.

Banner maintenance will be on a completely separate schedule. That doesn’t affect instruction directly so the folk there will be taking Banner down at different, yet planned, times.

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