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Life After Genesee

Yes, there is such a thing! ::grin::

David and Christina graduated from Genesee in May 2010 and transferred to UB and Fredonia, respectively. They loved their time at Genesee and found that, well, not every place is Genesee. That’s good and it’s not so good.

They (probably David, mostly) are going to write an occasional series of posts of what to do once you get to your new school. Here at Genesee, we can and will help you to get there… what happens next is mostly up to you.

From David:


“We’re Movin’ on Up” – Blog Post #1: Introduction

Hello, my name is David Dodge and I am an English major at the University at Buffalo. Prior to attending UB I was a student at Genesee where I enjoyed doing so many amazing things like being the Student Government Vice President and going on an alternative break experience to New Orleans.

I am here with my friend Christina Bakos who also went to Genesee and is now a student at SUNY Fredonia. While at GCC, Christina was the Student Government secretary and pioneered the CEO club’s product Apple Cider Syrup. We are here to give you an in depth look at transferring. You will have many people ask you, “where are you transferring to?” However, almost no one will ask you what you think the first few weeks at your new school will be like. Well, we are here to talk to you about that very question.

Keep checking back for blog posts in this category. We will discuss how classes, people, extra activities, and sports are different when you move on up to your new college. Whether your new school is bigger or smaller than GCC there is a wealth of things to consider and we want to help you in any way that we can.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and check back soon for more fun filled posts!

David Dodge                         Christina Bakos
University at Buffalo            SUNY Fredonia
daviddod@buffalo.edu         bako5369@fredonia.edu

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