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Shiny Things

There’s a running ‘in joke’ in our office area where we occasionally mutter something along the line of “Hey, look! A chicken!”

It comes from the t-shirt Harold saw once, that he almost bought but he got distracted and didn’t go back for, that said: “My family thinks I have ADD but I think… Hey! Look! A chicken!”

I get distracted by shiny things… something that’s maybe new or on the top of the pile. It’s easier to play with (i.e. work on, fix, etc) new things than slog through older ‘stuff’ that I really should work on. I can think of 3 things I started already this morning that I’ve been sidetracked from and haven’t yet gotten back to.

I figured it was easier to write something for you than tackle those 3 things … much less the pile that’s becoming a black hole on my desk. πŸ™‚

Focus. Right. No shiny things… Do what needs to be done… ::glares at pile of paper::

I don’t think I’m going to get very far today.

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