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You’ve Transferred Elsewhere — Now What?

More from David and Christina on what to do after you’ve transferred to a new college!


“We’re Movin’ on Up” – Blog Post #2: Getting Noticed

Some students want to be known far and wide on campus, get involved in numerous activities, and are always the ones answering queries in class. On the other hand, there are some students that head to class and then are ready to get out of there to go do other things. There are, of course, many variations to these situations but generally students either want to get noticed on campus or they don’t.

Let’s look at some of the positive aspects of getting involved verses not getting involved at your new school and getting noticed in a positive way. The hope is that if you are interested in getting noticed it isn’t for negative reasons :-). 

Getting Involved

Not Getting Involved

Meet new people Time to focus on academics
More school spirit and pride More time for gainful employment
Boosts professionalism Less stress
Resume building Fewer commitments overall

Alright, pretty simple explanations here but they are worth thinking about! Getting involved is going to help you meet new people and can give you a lot of pride in your new school. When you as an individual are seen and heard often it will boost personal professionalism because you will care about what image others see of you. And, the obvious, the more co-curricular activities you have the more bulk for your resume.

If you are not involved at your new school it gives you more time to focus on the increasingly more difficult classes. Also, sometimes it is very difficult to get a job if you are involved on campus as well. While the stress of competing in a sport, planning an event, or leading a group of students isn’t necessarily bad stress it is more on your plate that you might not need.

Now, based on what you know about yourself and what has worked for you in the past coupled with the knowledge in this blog make a general decision about whether to get involved at the new school or not.

In the next blog post we will discuss HOW TO effectively get involved or not get involved at your new campus it is a little more tricky than at Genesee. Lets figure it out together, keep reading folks! 😉

Feel free to contact us with any questions and check back soon for more fun filled posts!

David Dodge                         Christina Bakos
University at Buffalo            SUNY Fredonia
daviddod@buffalo.edu         bako5369@fredonia.edu


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