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Miss Me?

You were gone?


I’ve been away for most of a week on the most amazing 6 days a person can have. It was a vacation but it was also something more.

I just spent 6 days with some of the most intelligent, well read, well written and fun women you can imagine. It’s so much fun for someone like myself who loves to write to spend 6 days talking about writing, characters we like to work with and the process of putting some of that together.

With the characters we have in common, we watched the actors play other roles, discussing what we thought about their role in the movie/show, how well it fits their ‘persona’ and how it made the production better (or not — some of them are real stinkers!).

The overall satisfaction of spending time with others who understand your own struggles, who talk about how they have done similar things and just the sheer encouragement to keep going that is so valuable! While there was talk about doing it again in 6 months, the reality of many of us is that this is a major commitment (and cost) that more than once a year isn’t realistic…  sigh…

Back to the office tomorrow (I’m in an airport right now) but refreshed and looking forward to writing…. after all, November is NaNoWriMo!

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