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Winter and Spring Accounts

It’s barely November and I’m already prepping accounts for new Winter and Spring students. Well, the Winter kids start way sooner than the Spring but it’s that time already!

Mail for NEW* registered Winter and Spring students went out today (Friday) with information on usernames and passwords. It’s the same yellow paper we’ve now been using for a while. So if you’re a new student, watch for that mail to come.

*NEW means not registered for Fall 2011 so that includes brand new, re-admit and transfer students. I’m lumping all of you together in NEW. If you were a Fall 2011 student, you already have this stuff and I’m not going to confuse you.

The tricky part in my life is managing two semesters at the same time. Essentially, I have to do everything twice and heaven forbid if I get interrupted in the middle… the only salvation is that nothing breaks if I do something twice. Good thing Winter is a small group (although there’s room for you, if you’re interested!) so I don’t have to work on it too hard.

If you’re a NEW (any definition of NEW), save Tuesday, January 10 for me. We’re doing Technical Orientation in Batavia and I’ll be doing workshops to help solve any technical questions you may have. Or just come and check in, take care of any last minute business and be ready for classes to start the next week. More info if you look up and click on the “Technical Orientation” link at the top of the blog.

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