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Has there been another uptick in spam or is it just me? The blog’s had a serious increase in spam posts, mostly what they call ‘pingbacks,’ over the last few days. There were 71 (!) this morning. Everything from handbags to things in Cyrillic to topics that aren’t appropriate to discuss in public. It’s not fatal but it is a nuisance.

Sidenote: ‘pingback’ is when another blog makes a reference to your blog (more than you ever wanted to know in the support info).

The Spam filters at WordPress are pretty good, so it keeps the obvious spam out, lets in things that are questionable but marks it spam. I’ve gotten a few a week but this weekend is an all-time record.

A Yahoo group I belong to had to create an entirely new group because the original list ‘owners’ were MIA and the spam there was really bad. It’s an open discussion list so there was no one to ban the ‘bad’ accounts and in the end there were too many bad accounts anyway. The sad part was some of the content that the group has hosted is kind of withering away and needs to be rescued at some point.  ::resists mightily::

Genesee has some really good spam filters so if you’re getting a lot of spam, some of that is your own fault. Faculty/staff have to turn on the filter (instructions on that are here) so that the system can help you out. Students also have spam filtering on the MS web site (config info here).

What it can’t help you with is hijacked email accounts. Are you getting a lot of junk mail from a hacked AOL (there seem to be a ton of those) or Yahoo account? The best option is when the next one comes in, instead of deleting it, overtly declare it “junk” and Block the Sender’s email address.

Now, if this is someone you know, make the phone call to tell him/her that their mail account has been hacked. But if it’s someone you don’t know, be ruthless. Block the email address so you don’t see it anymore. Worst case is that the messages go into your “Junk” folder… scan it occasionally and then just empty it out. At least it’s no longer in your Inbox!

Give a shout if you need some help with this.

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