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No Tickee, No Laundry!

 Hmmmm…. I suspect that title is not only an unfamiliar cultural reference (that is, I’m old enough to know it but you aren’t) and that it is also probably now “politically incorrect.”

If I sound slightly annoyed, I guess I am. It’s more than faintly frustrating sometimes. So bear with me!

There have been a couple of discussions lately where folk have asked questions about access to systems (i.e. Blackboard or the web site), where there was an off-the-cuff verbal discussion or an email to just me about “[something] wasn’t working properly the other day.”

First of all, ‘not working properly’ isn’t helpful. What wasn’t working? What were you trying to do? What time of day was it? Where were you (home / work / friend’s house / school)? Did you get any error messages? Did you try more than once? What!

And… most important of all: Did you call the Help Desk?

Think about it.

Faculty, when your students say (the equivalent of) “My dog ate my homework.”  Really? Do you believe them? Only if they bring in a picture of the mutt with bits of paper in its teeth. And even then you ask, “Why didn’t you do it again?”

Then why should I believe anyone (yes, that includes you!) when I get the report of “[something] wasn’t working the other day” with no details and no help desk call.  How do I deal with that?

Faculty, you are entitled to ask your students the same thing. When a student says “Blackboard wasn’t working last night so I couldn’t do the (homework / test/ assignment / discussion)” and there’s no supporting Help Desk ticket, well, too bad.

I had an exchange with someone I had helped set up a boatload of quizzes (which is more than a kayak load of quizzes) for a course who forwarded a student email that said, “One of the quizzes isn’t working right, I forget which one.” My answer was, “If she doesn’t remember, then maybe I’ll forget to fix it.” I see you nodding your head! You get the same things, don’t you! ::grin::

Yes, calling the help desk is a pita. I’ll let faculty/staff types send the help desk an email and you can copy me. When the problem happens.

Tell your students the exact same thing: Any have technical issues, no excuses without at least an email to your Genesee email and the help desk when the problem happens.

The next day isn’t good enough. The Help Desk 1-866-614-5004 (and the phone service and the Internet) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No excuse that you/the student can’t call or send an email at 3:00 AM.

No Help Desk tickee, no laundry!

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