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The First 100 Days of a President

T102 was packed — standing room only — yesterday when Dr. James Sunser spoke to the college community about his first 100 (plus a bit) days as the President of Genesee Community College.

So I took a video of the beginning (the first 10-ish minutes) to share with you.

Now. The faintly crummy video is due to my not-so-extraordinary video skills. I was in the back of the room with a really simple video camera and I had to hold the camera up so the video didn’t catch just the backs of people’s heads. And you may need to turn up your sound.

Dr. Sunser — who introduces himself as “Jim” — spoke briefly about what he has used to guide the start of his Presidency, his effort to get out and talk to not only folk on campus but external constituents and his efforts to ensure that SUNY knows what goes on at Community Colleges in general.

 He spoke to the concern about enrollment and funding. Enrollment is already down a teeny bit from last year and getting funding from cash-strapped New York State is only going to get harder. Getting the same amount of money from the state is actually going backwards since costs keep going up.

But Genesee is also about the vision. The college has a strategic plan, new technology initiatives to help everyone with making data-driven decisions, campus center initiatives and an updated facilities master plan in the works. Standing still is not an option!

Through all of the session, about an hour, you could hear the ‘happy to be here’ in his voice. Those of us who work here know that Genesee is a great place to work and it’s nice to see that Dr. Sunser has found that out, also.

Here’s to many multiple’s of 100 more days!

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