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Fall 2011 Grades

Report Card

Not all new students always know that Genesee does not send report cards in the mail. All grades are located inside Genesis, so that’s where your Fall grades will be.

Faculty have until noon on December 19 to enter grades into the system and then there’s always voodoo things to do so the plan is to make grades available online to students on Wednesday, December 21, probably after lunch.

If you need grades sent somewhere, you can do that in Genesis also. The transcript request process is now automated — go into Genesis and on the Student Records Information Menu, click on Request Transcripts.

Now, that takes you to another web site. It’s legit. Do the things it asks you to do and you’ll have a transcript request in the queue in a jiffy. There’s still a fee and all but it’s less than requesting one in person.

Well, unless you have silly holds to something. If you can’t see your grades due to holds, you can’t get around that by requesting transcripts. So checking for holds now is a good thought.

We’ll announce on the front of Genesis when grades are available… keep an eye on that!

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