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Textbooks, Vouchers and Ordering

You would think textbooks would be an easy topic.


MESSAGE TO STUDENTS: Faculty really pretty much agonize over the textbook(s) they order for your class. You may not think so, but there’s a reason for the book chosen and, well, they expect you to have one. You don’t know how many faculty talk about students who are doing poorly in their class because the student doesn’t have a textbook.

Getting a textbook

If you need to use your Financial Aid to buy books, once you’ve done the voucher thing (and if there are no ticky boxes to ticky, you’re all set) then you have to get/order them. Log into Genesis, go to the Registration Menu and look for the “Textbooks” link. It will cheerfully give you a list of books you need for the next semester. Or pick them out from the bookstore online website.

If you have the means to pay for your textbooks now, go right ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute because the bookstore has been known to run out of books (lots of sad reasons I’m not going to depress you with, it is almost Christmas as I write this!).

Now some of you are thinking: “I can get this book cheaper someplace else.” We certainly can’t stop you. Just make sure you have it in hand by the first day of classes. I’ve had students order books that don’t show up on time and then they’re behind right from the start.

Using your Financial Aid

The ticky boxes for the voucher is one part of the process. You can order books online now BUT… HUGE BUT… the bookstore won’t start delivery until January 9, 2012. One week before classes start. If you depend on the bookstore sending your books to a campus center, you should start thinking about getting your request done soon (like now soon, not in January soon) so that when January 9 comes along, your order is already in the queue.

If you plan to use your voucher in the bookstore in person, you cannot do so until… you guessed it… January 9.

The Voucher

Well, it’s not really a physical voucher. It used to be, but like everything else, it’s now electronic. You need to use your GCC ID number if you order online and you need your GCC ID number and other picture identification (a GCC ID card is perfect since it has both!) if you’ll be picking up books in person.

The Library

Sure, the Library has a bunch of textbooks. In fact, over the past couple of years the staff has made a concerted effort to have a copy of just about every textbook. One, that is. One copy. And it can’t go out of the Library. The Library in Batavia. It’s a last ditch effort but better than nothing if you have to read your textbook in the Library. Just so you know it’s there.


Sure! Ask! If I don’t know, I’ll find out!

23 thoughts on “Textbooks, Vouchers and Ordering

  1. So, if a student buys a book online (not our campus store) can they be reimbursed for the cost if they have a receipt?

    • Nope… Good question, though. If a student buys the books elsewhere, they either are on their own or have to wait for refund dates to get ‘reimbursed’…

  2. Can I order my books online through the bookstore using my spring financial aid? Or do I have to wait until the 9th, go to financial aid, get a book voucher, and then visit the store?

    • Go ahead and order those books online now. There’s a place on the payment page that says ‘use my financial aid’ — you’ll just have to wait until January 9 for the bookstore to send your books out. There’s no paper voucher, it’s all electronic.

      Does that make sense? If not, let me know!

  3. If I was supposed to return my borrowed books by the 19th and didn’t, can i still return the books or have they already billed my debit account.

    • If there are ‘easy’ to find e-books, the bookstore will have them… in Genesis, under ‘Registration’ there’s a “look up my textbooks” link… if there is an e-book option, most of them will be there.

      Otherwise, take the ISBN number from the book list and search places like Amazon to see if there’s a e-book version…

      I’m going to suspect you won’t find a real lot…that’s slowly changing but not there yet… To help, always ask your instructor who chose your textbooks (your instructor always doesn’t get to choose) and then ask that person to look at books that have e-book options in the future.

  4. How do you know how much you’re recieving for your book voucher? and if I wanted to get a nook for ebooks from the store ( I saw them in the store last semester) will the voucher cover them?

    • In your Genesis account, there’s an “Account Summary” and if you have a negative number there, that’s how much you can spend on books. That’s your total refund at any point, so what you don’t spend on books will be issued to you in check form, half in February and the other half I think is in March.

      Check the bookstore first before you buy the Nook. Most of the textbooks that are available in electronic format are only in like PC electronic format and may not work on the Nook. Yes, that makes no sense, I know, which is why you should check first.

      But if you have enough of a refund coming, you can purchase the Nook through the bookstore.

  5. What if I get a third party voucher for books (Access..used to be Vesid). When I submit payment through my financial aid, will it take that payment out first, then go to the financial aid if I order my books online?

    • Hmmm…. I’m going to guess and then check for you.

      My *guess* is that if you order online and tell the payment process to use your Financial Aid, it will take the money from your Financial Aid first. When you turn in the third party voucher, it will be applied against your books and your financial aid will be ‘reimbursed’ after. I’m going to suspect that if you need to use the third party voucher first, you may have to do that in the bookstore or over the phone.

      Don’t panic quite yet. Let me confirm and get back to you!

      • Okay… I got this from Chris Sackett, the Bookstore Manager:


        3. All third party bookstore vouchers, VA, VESID, county all are handled the same way as Financial Aid through the system so if a student orders their books online they can use the third party as long as we have a paper copy from the County or NYS. One thing that is changing and is still in discussion is which method must be used first. Third party vouchers used to be used first but with the state budget “Is their really one?,” they have requested that the third party be used as a last resort for the students.

        4. So to answer the students question if nothing changes from now until Jan. 9th the students 3rd party will be used first then SFA will be used to cover the balance.


        So you need to get the Bookstore a paper copy of your Access voucher so they know to use that for your books… I will suspect a phone call at the very least or a visit in person (if that’s feasible) will help smooth things out. Doing that this week or next is better than waiting for January 9 when the Bookstore will start to be a zoo.

        Hope that helps!

      • One more person from the Business Office gave me this, which in the end isn’t terribly different. The bottom line is that you need to work directly with the bookstore and should not simply order online….


        The student should let the bookstore know that they have a VESID voucher. Those are sent directly to the bookstore and it is up to the student to be sure that the bookstore knows he wants to use the voucher, not his financial aid credit balance to purchase his books.

  6. Thanks so much. I usually go into the bookstore and use the VESID voucher first (I was told by VESID that these are all electronic now). Then I use financial aid to cover the remainder. I was just hoping to save a trip, but that is okay. I will go on the 9th and fight the crowds!!!

    Thanks so much for your help!!

  7. Once ordering textbboks for online classes are the textbooks require to be eTEXTBOOKS , also how do I retrieve the the books if there not eTEXTBOOKS etc. from the online bookstore?

    • Online classes do not necessarily have electronic textbooks. In fact, I’ll be surprised if there are more than a couple of online classes that have e-textbooks as an OPTION. There are no classes to the best of my knowledge (and, honestly, I know a lot of things 😉 ) that REQUIRE electronic textbooks.

      To get non-electronic textbooks, you can pick them up here in Batavia or have them delivered to any location. If you have the books delivered to a campus center, there is no additional charge for that. If you have textbooks delivered to a home or personal address, there is a shipping charge added to your order.

      Hope that helps! If not, keep asking!

      • If you’re using Financial Aid to purchase your books, then the shipping comes out of that. Be aware that when you use Financial Aid to purchase textbooks, books cannot be shipped anywhere until January 9. Do order them now so your request is in the queue… but just know they won’t be shipped until next week.

        Books ordered without Financial Aid will be shipped as soon as they are ready for shipping.

    • Huh. Dunno…. I’m going to make an educated guess that you can try; you *will* need your GCC ID card to prove you aren’t just someone off the street trying to sell books back… Do that today or tomorrow (Tuesday), the bookstore is going to be slammed by the end of the week and they don’t have to take books back outside of the buy-back window. So they won’t even talk to you about buying your books back by the end of the week…. (just being honest!)

      Good luck!

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