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Happy Holidays!

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, best wishes to everyone!

We’re having a new-traditional dinner today at my place. You know how at the end of the meal the hostess asks, “Who wants dessert?” and everyone looks at her in astonishment? And the folk who slaved over desserts take home as much (or more) than they brought?

Well, we’re eating dessert first. As in Life is short, eat dessert first! Everyone is bringing a dessert and we’re going to pig out on the desserts at the beginning of the meal. I have baked cookies to serve as appetizers… 😉  Oh, there’s ‘real’ food for later. Kind of. Barbeque hamburgers, chicken casserole, split pea soup (cow, chicken and pig!), hash brown potatoes and macaroni salad. And leftover desserts! Yum!

(Funny side note: So I do the spell check thing to make sure I didn’t do too bad of a typo and the spell check doesn’t like most, but not all, of my “desserts”. Go figure!)

Many thanks to those of you who read regularly… Big hugs to you and your family!

4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. That sounds like a wonderful idea Maryjan! I wonder if I’d be able to talk my family into doing the same!

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

    • We did have fun! I always have too much food — like everyone — so it was fun to eat the things folk brought first… 😉

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