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Tuition Payment and “The Purge”

Today is actually my kind of a winter day…. wet, not snow. Is it too early in the season to decide I’m already tired of snow and it can stop now? 🙂

Tuition is due today, December 30. That means the Business Office needs to know where all the money is coming from. The cool part is that there are options:

  • Financial Aid — the obvious one. If you were here in the Fall, Spring financial aid is cake, you’ve already done most of the work. If you’re a new student, you need to make sure all your paperwork is complete before your Financial Aid will be ‘credited’ to your account.
  • Loans – part of the Financial Aid thing. If the paper work is done and there’s an entry in your Account, you’re all set.
  • Payment plan – the Business Office has an option for a payment plan. You can have payments taken from a bank account or a credit card every month.
  • Cash / Check / Credit Card – Well, they really only want cash if you’re bringing it to Batavia and dropping it off yourself. Don’t mail cash, for heaven’s sake! But checks can be mailed and they will take credit cards over the phone.
  • Third Party payments – if someone else (mom and dad don’t count here, sorry!) is paying your bills, you need paperwork in the Business Office ASAP so they can tell you if they need any more documentation. Again, if it doesn’t appear on your account, they don’t know about it officially.

Account? Oh, that. You need to log into Genesis, click on “Student Services” then “Student Records Information Menu” then on “Account Summary by Term” and select Spring 2012.

If you have a zero, you’re all set; a negative number means you’ll have money coming back to you. You can use that for textbooks or food now. You’ll get anything left over back later — half in February and the other half in late March.

If you don’t make arrangements for tuition payment, you will be dropped from your classes. Unofficially known as “the purge” — students who are looking for seats in classes wait for the purge to happen and will scoop up your prime seats if you aren’t careful.

Sure, you can re-register if you’re purged. BUT. You have to do it in person, you cannot do it online. You have to tell your advisor how you’re going to make the tuition payment. THEN you can get registered. And pay immediately. Not pretty. Easier to do it now than later.

It’s not too late!

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