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So. What’s Going On?

Busy. Busy. Busy. Bored.

You’ve been going to class and studying hard and now your brain is so full that it’s going to burst if you cram one more fact into it. You need a break.

But there’s nothing to do!

Pshaw! You aren’t looking at all… there’s lots to do, you just have to know where to look for it.


Well, if you’re reading me, you read blogs. Let me recommend a couple more:

  • gccstudentnews.wordpress.com — this was originally the home of the student newsletter and now Karen and Sara are adding event information for us.
  • gcccampusblog.wordpress.com — Jordon Shelton and Genevieve Sholl are writing about being a student at Genesee. So it’s not strictly about events or what’s happening but they will most likely write about things they are involved in.

Web Site

The college web site (www.genesee.edu) has multiple places for campus events.

  • Calendar – The college calendar has more than you ever wanted to know. It’s not only events, it has college dates and deadlines in it. So there’s almost too much information. But worth looking at once in a while.
  • Student Activities – this is the calendar you’re most likely want to watch. It has club events, campus wide activities aimed at students, and just fun things.
  • Cliff’s Notes – this is the Student Activities Newsletter. It comes out monthly and is written by the Student Activities group. It’s a PDF file you can download so you can take it with you. It lists the events in the Student Union in Batavia.
    • On this page is a link to open hours in the gym, fitness center and student union.
  • Saturday Getaways – now this is only for folk who live in College Village, so they aren’t open to everyone. But if you’re in the Village, it’s something else to do.

At a Campus Center? Look around! All the campus centers have some kind of an activity board and they have their own events (some of which don’t make the master calendars).

If you can’t find something you like on the calendars, then check out the list of clubs and organizations on campus. If something there looks interesting, contact the club (the advisor’s name is on the web page) to see when the next meeting might be.

Don’t see a club you think Genesee should have? Have at least 4 more friend who think the same thing? Contact Cliff Scutella (cmscutella@genesee.edu) and he’ll be glad to help walk you through the process so you can create a new club.

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