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iOS Device Issue

Thursday, March 1 the college restricted network access to  about 15 Apple wireless devices that were causing no end of trouble on the Batavia campus wireless network. That means we’ve barred them from the college wireless network. ;-(

There’s a known bug where some Apple portable devices do not play well with wireless networks. When you go frequently from place to place, or work at home, you won’t see that problem. In a finite environment like the college (i.e. there are a finite list of IP addresses to share among all the wireless devices) where you want to log in for a longer period of time, then the bug becomes a major issue.

This problem is getting worse due to more people using wireless — primarily on the Batavia campus. It’s not as much a problem at the campus centers, but doesn’t mean it might not happen!  Right now we can manage but as wireless use increases, if Apple does not correct this problem, we may need to restrict access to the wireless on more personal devices. Sorry!

To read up on the problem in more detail, go here:


The problem *may* be corrected using this workaround:


This is our effort to get the word out that certain Apple products have this bug, that the bug may be mitigated by means of a workaround, and that if a device causes network disruption, it may be prevented from accessing College wireless services.

Another option is to update your Apple device to iOS 5. The problem still exists there but the work around is a bit simpler to implement. (The workaround for iOS 5 is on that same page!)

Wireless use is really increasing, so we think that getting out in front of this moving train is a good idea.

Well, maybe it is not. Because we would be hit by the train.

ETA: If you are having problems, you need to log a help desk call with the following information: device model, operating system version, MAC address. And it won’t be an ‘on the spot’ resolution… ::wince:: it may take time to unravel the problem.

3 thoughts on “iOS Device Issue

  1. Mary Jane,

    Tried to read the info in the link provided and frankly, it was all Greek to me! What implication, if any, does this have for our nursing students (all 275+) when they are using their iPods in class or in lab?


    Kathy P.

    • Tom has been babbling about this for a while but, well, all of your students need to be on the latest version of the operating system and do the work-around in the link.

      If they don’t do it, they risk being cut off from the wireless access and (I’m inventing here because I need to double check with Tom) then they will need to make an appointment with someone from Computer Services to get their device working on our network again… it’s a case-by-case thing.

      If they don’t know how, that’s going to be another issue. It’s a personally owned device and past a certain point, we can only point them at directions. They should be able to go back to the Apple store for assistance, at the very least. Folk with iPhones should be talking to their phone provider.

      At the very least, the message is: upgrade, do the work around.


      • Thank you. Unless someone read your blog, they wouldn’t know there WAS an issue and then understanding it is another matter.

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