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Fall 2012 Registration opens Monday!

Registration for Fall 2012 classes starts on Monday, March 12!


Now. There are rules. Of course.

You can register online starting on Monday if, big IF, you have what is called “earned credit.” What this means is that you have to have finished courses — courses with grades — on your records.

If you do not have earned credits, that is, this is your very first semester in college, then you can register online starting Monday, March 26.

Now. If you fall into that “no earned credit” category and you’re getting anxious about Fall registration, you can register starting March 12 but — another big BUT — you have to register in person with an Advisor. In Batavia, you have to see an Advisor and get a signed form to take to the Records Office. At a campus center, you have to work with the staff there to get registered. You can’t register online until March 26.

Questions? Really, don’t ask me, talk to your academic advisor. He/she can help you way more than I can. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Registration opens Monday!

  1. Hi my Name is Amber and for some reasons its not letting me apply for fall 2012 and that will be my third semester at GCC…

    • You were in just before midnight… it’s pretty strict and the time settings are always on our end…. so even if you clocks say midnight, ours may be different and you were a tad early… but I see that you got registered…


    • If you’re a new student, the Advisement Office should be contacting you about Registration.

      Transfer students are sent their Genesis information but totally brand new students are asked to participate in a New Student Registration session — if you’ve never been to college before, there are lots of “rules’ that are just easier to explain in person.

      Contact Advisement — 1-585-343-0055 and the folk there will help you out!

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