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Hard Decisions

No, today’s decision isn’t between cutting your middle of the day class to go to Sporto’s for lunch or cutting all day and going to Letchworth to, umm, have adult beverages.

Although, I do need to say, the sentiment should not be “we’re going to pay for this weather”… rather, the sentiment should be “Mother Nature owed this to us, we’ve already paid for it!”

This week’s decision is about dropping class(es) you aren’t doing so well in.

You need to withdraw from a class by March 25 to get a “W” grade on your transcript.

However, you need to be in attendance — as defined by your instructor — in your classes (at least 12 credit hours worth) on March 30 to ‘earn’ your Financial Aid. Which, in turn, drives whether you get a ‘refund’ in April.

Either decision has consequences.

  • If you drop below 12 active credit hours, you can lose a good chunk of your financial aid (and, horrors, if you already have received a refund you may owe money back!)
  • If you don’t drop to keep your aid, but you’re not doing well that you might earn a grade of “F” then it can affect next semester’s financial aid. Get enough failing grades and/or have a low enough grade point average, you might not get financial aid for your next semester!

Darned if you do, darned if you don’t.

So. Don’t ditch those classes today, even though the weather makes it tempting. It’s only week 9, maybe you can salvage something. Talk to your instructors. Talk to the Business Office and/or the Financial Aid Office. Make sure you’re aware of what might happen.

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