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Blackboard Student Tutorial

Genesee has moved to a new version of Blackboard for the Fall 2012 semester. Well, we did some testing in the summer, but everyone will be moving to the new system for the Fall!

First of all, we ask you to be patient. Okay, very patient!

There will be hiccups on all sides over the next couple of weeks. We’re finding new admin things that need to be dealt with almost daily, and faculty are also new to the system. So when things don’t look right or you’re confused, please, please ASK!

Updates on critical information will be both here and on the “My Courses” page in Genesis.

If you’re new to all of this, it’s worth your while to go through the Student Tutorial in Blackboard. It covers all the things your instructors may do and gives you a chance to see the new system at it’s best!

Go here for directions on how to access the tutorial: http://hd.genesee.edu/index.php/article/blackboard-student-orientation-self-paced-course

 Here’s to a great Fall semester!

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