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Parking Lot Work…

The mysterious ‘they’ are working on the parking lots and the Tech Building lot where I normally park was closed today. Oh, well, the extra steps are good for me.

Except that parking in the middle lot feels something like a “where’s Waldo?” sort of thing. There’s been some preliminary work on the lot so there are no lines. Well, there kinda are lines but you have to look for them under the fresh coating of sealer.

The first couple of rows are kinda easy to park in, since they go the entire width of the parking lot and there are entrances on either end so you can line yourself up to them. The lines are a little wobbly, but not too bad.

Me? I come in late enough today to have to park where the ‘not side to side’ part of the parking starts. The only good news (it’s all relative) is that I’m the first one so I have some leeway in picking where to start. So I ‘feel’ out the old lines under the sealer and hope for the best.

And since it’s pretty much going to be a rainy day, I’m going to suspect that the work on the Tech Building lot won’t be finished by tomorrow and I’ll have to park in that middle lot.

Makes it worth my while to get going earlier tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

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