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Genesis Changes – Happening August 1

The new Genesis will be live this Thursday, August 1! As part of the improvements to access and ease of use, we have been working on the following –

  • Single Sign On (SSO) – this will allow for (almost) one login to your various applications (Genesis, Blackboard, Email). We have currently opted to leave Banner INB as a separate login for security reasons.
  • Password Reset Utility – this gives students (faculty and staff to come!) the power to reset their own passwords, from anywhere, anytime; they do not need to be at a campus computer.

In order to set up the foundation for these to work, we needed to implement a new portal (Genesis), that will offer support to this functionality. Here is a link to a video that explains what you will be seeing on Thursday.


We are still working on full SSO and password resetting for staff and faculty, but student accounts will be functional in both areas as of August 1. There are complications with faculty and staff accounts that do not exist for students, so we needed to separate their Go Live dates. We will share our expected delivery time for faculty and staff in the next few months.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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