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Technology Updates Galore!

It's Wednesday!

Been a while, so I thought we could use some updates!

The two coolest things we did this summer was update Genesis and synchronize student passwords!

The new Genesis was an ‘about time’ sort of thing. It’s been the same old thing for a bunch of years now and it seriously needed some updating. Doing the Genesis update also allowed us to update student email to a single sign on (i.e. once you’re in Genesis, you don’t need a password for email). Students have no excuse about not being able to get to their Genesee email anymore!

The password synchronization has also been cool. One username has been the practice, but students could have 3 separate passwords before this. Using the “Password Reset” option inside Genesis means that students can synch the computer/library login and the Genesis password to the same thing.

It’s been a great boon to everyone, making access to all electronic resources easier. On the help desk alone, we’ve seen over 400 fewer help desk calls in August — the busiest month of the year for the help desk — with the synchronization and single sign on. I’ll do more details later, but the password self-reset for students will drop the need to call the help desk even more!

Welcome back to the Fall 2013 semester!


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